Covid-19 Protocol


  • Number Collection will take place at the Protea Hotel conference facility (entrance in Van der Merwe Street, gravel road) between 12:00 – 18:30 on Friday, 08 April 2022.
  • Only one team member per team (preferably the team captain) will be allowed to enter the Number Collection venue to collect the team’s race number packs. No number collection is allowed on race day.
  • The team members collecting race packs will also be responsible for collecting the team support vehicle accreditation & complete the support vehicle form at Number Collection.
  • Anyone entering the Number Collection venue, including staff and crew must wear a mask and will be required to sanitise regularly.
  • The Number Collection venue will have one entrance & one exit point clearly demarcated to ensure easy flow in and out of the building.

Rider briefing

  • Teams will receive a digital information booklet as well as a pre-recorded briefing via email. Teams who do NOT follow the event protocols may be disqualified from the event.


  1. Arriving at the venue:
  • Teams are encouraged to ride as a group to the start area rather than using a vehicle to minimise traffic around the venue and start.
  • According to current regulations riders are not required to wear a mask outdoors unless they are within a 1m proximity to other teams.
  • Minimal activity on the square after cyclists finish as there will be no vendors. They will receive their medal and drink and then disperse to restaurants in the surrounding area.
  • Sanitising stands will be available at strategic points at the venue (such as the portable toilets and start chutes).

2. Start chutes

  • There will be two chutes. One for all even team numbers and another for all uneven team numbers. Riders MUST always follow the instructions of the start crew & marshals to ensure effective flow of the start.
  • There will be a 1.5m distance between teams in the start chutes.

3. Portable toilets

  • Portable toilets will be available at the venue near the start area for easy access.
  • Toilets will be manned by a cleaning team and will be sanitised regularly.
  • Sanitising stands will be available outside the toilets.

ROUTE – Water points

  • Refreshment stations will give drinks and food per individual, no open trays where riders can all take from. Some water points will have bananas available, riders will receive full bananas, not cut bananas.
  • Riders are NOT allowed to fill their own water bottles. Water point marshals will fill bottles and sanitise the water point area frequently.
  • Water point two (+-74 km from start) and the Team Support Zone (+-105 km from start) will have toilet facilities available. The toilets at the filling station in Golden Gate Highlands National Park at Glen Reenen Rest Camp (+-155km from start) will also be available for riders to use.
  • Water point marshals will ensure toilets are cleaned and sanitised regularly.
  • Sanitising stations to be provided at each water point for riders & water point marshals to use.


  • Riders to cross the finish line, collect the medals for the team, have a picture taken and depart immediately from the venue.
  • Riders are not allowed to hang around the venue after finishing.
  • Limited activities like Media Prize Giving and Lucky Draws will take place during the course of the day.