2025 Prize purse:

 1st place: R17 000 1st place: R17 000 1st place: R17 000
 2nd place: R10 000  2nd place: R10 000  2nd place: R10 000
3rd place: R5000  3rd place: R5000  3rd place: R5000
  • All participants will receive a medal upon the successful completion of the event.
  • In the event of a protest, the team(s) under investigation will not participate in the Prize Giving Ceremony and no prizes will be awarded until the issue is resolved. The Protest committee will endeavour to resolve all protests before prize giving. Team categories will be determined by the first 6 riders from each team that crosses the finish line, and not according to the way the team members have been entered. Teams must have 6 finishers in order to receive an official team result. All team members must ride with their Finish Time tail board (no tail board, no result).  Categories for the Maluti Double 90 will be WomenOpen and Mixed.  The categories are determined as follows:
    • Mixed – a minimum of 3 females need to finish within the first 6 riders of this team. Failing to do so will result in this team being classified as an Open Team. There will be a first place prize awarded in this category, provided there are at least 5 mixed teams competing.
    • Open Team – An Open Team may consist of male riders only, or teams with fewer than 3 female riders.
    • Female – Women’s Teams may only have women starting in their team. This team may have any number between 6 and 12 riders. There will be a first place prize awarded in this category, provided there are at least 4 teams competing in this category. Teams with single bikes and tandems combined, or teams comprising of only tandems will be given an official team time (Open Team category) but will not be eligible for any team prizes. Teams with fewer than 6 riders are welcome to participate, but will not receive an official team result. PRIZE GIVING for the top 3 teams in each category will take place between 15h00 (as soon as results are finalised) on the Square. All podium finishing teams must be present to receive their prizes and podium medals. First, second and third team prize plus medals will be awarded per category, as follows:
    • 10 teams + per category: First, second and third place
    • 6-9 teams per category: First and second place
    • 4-5 teams per category: First place only